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Recycled Gold and Silver

I strive to be ethically and environmentally responsible so I use recycled gold and silver exclusively now. I hunt out suppliers that feel the same as me so all the bullion, and even chain I buy, are recycled.



Quality and Origin


Recycled precious metals are made from existing jewellery, industrial metals or electronics and are refined back to their pure elements by removal of impurities. The result is chemically identical material to newly mined metals, and precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without any loss of quality. So rest assured that there is no compromise with buying recycled, only good reasons.





The Kimberley Process was established to unite the world’s diamond trade – by preventing conflict and promoting sustainable development. Kimberly Process members now account for approximately 99.8% of the global production of rough diamonds. Every diamond I use is produced under the Kimberley scheme and where possible is also traceable to source.



Coloured gems


I use suppliers I have built up relationships with over many years, and know that they in turn, use suppliers they trust. Whenever possible I buy gemstones traceable to source.





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